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About the B.o.K Clinic

Francine, the highly accomplished semi-permanent makeup artist and esteemed owner of B.o.K Aesthetics, operates from an exquisite home-based clinic. This luxurious setting, designed with elegance and comfort in mind, is more than just a place for beauty enhancements—it's a sanctuary where clients can relax and enjoy the process. From the moment clients step into the clinic, they are welcomed into an environment that is both opulent and serene, reflecting Francine's commitment to offering a superior level of service. The state-of-the-art equipment and sterile, yet chic aesthetics of the clinic are a testament to her professionalism and attention to detail. Committed to lifelong learning and industry innovation, Francine ensures that her clients always receive the highest standard of care at B.o.K Aesthetics, enhancing their natural beauty and confidence in a luxurious, homely setting.


About Francine
Owner of B.o.K Aesthetics

Shortlisted as a finalist for the UK Hair and Beauty Awards 2024 in the categories Best For Brows (SPMU) and SPMU Artist of the Year representing Dunstable, Francine is the founder of B.o.K Aesthetics and a distinguished semi-permanent makeup artist. Known for her exacting standards, artistic flair, and deep understanding of the latest beauty trends, she offers a range of services including microblading, lip blushing, and eyeliner tattooing, always focusing on enhancing her clients' natural beauty. Her meticulous approach and keen sense for colour ensure that each client receives personalised, impeccable results that boost confidence and rejuvenate their appearance. As a passionate professional dedicated to continuous improvement, Francine keeps herself at the forefront of industry innovations. Her greatest satisfaction stems from the happiness and fulfilment her work brings to her clients, providing them with a transformative experience at B.o.K Aesthetics. This acknowledgment highlights her commitment to excellence and the significant impact she has on her clients' lives.

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